Various Types of Training are offered at Time Out Fitness.

At Timeout Fitness, I design the workout programme to suit you. I have created programmes for individuals who are returning to exercise, trying to gain weight,  recovering from injury, looking to improve their health and many other situations. All my programmes are individually focused to help you achieve your goal. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran I can help you.

Here are some of the workouts you can enjoy at Timeout Fitness:

  • Weight loss workout:

This type of workout focuses on losing body fat %, improve fitness and looking healthy.


  • Body sculpting / Tone workout:

Focuses on revealing your muscle definition or tone body.


  • Fitness workout:

Focuses on improvement of overall fitness level, i.e. agility; strength; stamina; endurance and cardiovascular strength.


  • Post natal workout:

This type of workout is designed to get you back in shape the earliest! To prevent being stuck in pregnancy weight gained body.


  • Senior Fit workout:

is a workout to keep fit for life! designed for the seniors to improve general health condition.


  • Intensive workout:

Five sessions per week, mostly requested for by bride or groom . Also, anyone who wishes to get back on fitness track on top gear.


  • Get fit “Kids workout” 8years+:

This workout is designed for children to get active, encourages healthy eating habit. It is a fun workout session. Get fit while having fun! PS. Injury free workout!!!


  • One to two workouts:

Is designed for compatible pair with common goals target. Those that would like to enjoy workout with their friends, partner or relative… Fun time!


  • Weekend outdoor session:

If you enjoy outdoor workout, this is for you.


Above I have highlighted some of my more popular workouts, if you don’t see one that matches your needs, call me today for a FREE consultation and I can design your programme.

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